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be life changing. >> neil: we look back at the -- i'm thinking of charles keeting and these infamous names. not so great for you because of you parents. we were told your money is safe there, s birdie l customers were brunched. rules were changed. a lot of the accounts were protected but apparently not enough. so when you hear, bill, a lot of people say, well, cyprus is cyprus and it's not us, and and you grew up as a young guy witnessing for yourself what can happen, any lesson that you want to pass on? >> yeah. all great points, neil. whence is listen to this, i didn't fully understand it. i do now. i think about in 2008 when all the -- the banks went from -- to $2,550,000 for insurance. when you have trust for an institution to take care of something that is lightfully yours, and when they change the rules on you, there's inherent unfairness about that. and you mentioned charles keating. i think the banks he bought into operated in arizona, and ironically he was from cincinnati, ohio. this is michigan that started in the mid-80s but did not wrap up until about 1992 or 1993, as i recall.
from the coldest march in 17 years. so much for spring. so much for climate change, and apparently so much for this. >> this is the single warmest winter in a decade in america. >> depending on where you live they're already a name for what we're experiencing this winter. they callite june-uary. >> the fourth warmest winter. >> second warmest winter on record ever. >> then this winter. we're not frying. we're freezing. so cold. that now they're calling for punxsutawney phil's head for messing up the forecast. >>> not really. this winter that is supposed to be over is now one for the record books. it's not the hottest ever. more like one of the coldest ever. so, joe, what's going on here? >> well, especially in europe, we're seeing some things in europe that are almost from the victorian era. the coldest birth in 100 -- in 100 years, and they're having one of the coldest marches on record and we're having the coldest march in much of the united states from the plains eastward since 1996. we told a lot of our clients this was going to happen, and you better get idea to this. marches ten
is a statement that says he knows we need to change. you were speaking about the moral changes. i don't think the teachings will change but the way you package something matters a lot, as you know. and i think this pope will give a very human face, a compassionate face, to teachings that's not always's to take but true teaching. i think he'll stay loyal to the teaching but a more humannen face. >> neil: if you forgive my typical media shallow-type question. even those who loved him and marveled at his career in argentina, if you will, didn't give him high marks on charisma or high marks on stunning sermons, just knock your socks off or homilies that you never forget. in reading what he said and in grabbing the magnitude of what he said, and the moments when he chose to say it, like when argentina legalized contraception. this man, when he first came out on the balcony, and unlike a lot of his predecessors, didn't work it -- no offense to his predecessors, like a seasoned politician, waving to the crowd. he seemed measure mesmerized and took it in, almost like i have a big job. what do you mak
employee -- every dependent who is covered with insurance. thirdly, patients are bracing for big change because this law is paid for more than half of it is paid for with medicare. so hospitals are already pulling back, laying off nurses, spreading the nursing care thinner so patients know they're going to wait longer for care. i'm already advising patients, if you know you're going into the hospital, try to cobble together enough money to hire a private duty nurse the first night when you need help. >> why do you say that? >> there will be fewer nurses on the floor and you're going to wait longer when you press the button for help. seniors are noticing the difference because there's a section in the law that actually awards bonus points to the hospitals that spend the least per senior. so that's a race to the bottom and hospitals don't want to provide those costly, time-consuming procedures like hip replacements or knee replacements or prescribe physical therapy and other outpatient care afterwards. there are dings. >> neil: the people who came up with this admitted yesterday, we have
a little toupe changing. -- tune changing. >> maybe an overstatement. >> neil: overstatement? well, he is not alone. quoted as saying they spent two weeks building up the sequester. so, it's something we're going to get into in a moment. first, how all of this is playing out right now. a bit of egg on their face for the time being. >> yeah. got a little bit out of control here where president obama at one point said criminals would have to be let go, janitors at the capitol just got a paycut, and fact checkers went onat the obama administration and obama had to appear at the press conference last yankee and said it's that going to be the apocalypse. president obama is sending out cab nat officials saying there will be pink slips for teachers, and then arne duncan had to backtrack. an awkward time for the obama administration, going to be a slow-moving catastrophe and they're trying to limit the impact policy-wise, but politically it would help them if there is a disruption. >> neil: that could still happen and this is a slow, grinding workout, as janet napolitano said. but if it doesn'
'm a very fortunate guy. i tell you what i do for a living. my life changed after my son was killed and i am a services coordinator for northern illinois. my job is to work with the families who have lost loved ones. believe me, neil, the stories of frustration are there every day. >> neil: jim you do your country proud i'm so sorry about the latest remarks. thank you, sir. >> i do my best. >> neil: we'll have more. i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and has your boarding pass ready. the droid razr
. but something is going to change. there's going to be a point where maybe the germans' currency is the place to go. our deficits are so high. >> neil: you're assuming the euro goes away. >> who knows by the way. i it only takes one, when the south seceded from the north -- >> neil: get out of this club. no one gets higher ratings from young viewers or makes us a much buck -- i'm talking how it is that jay leno's boss wants him out. a lesson on corporate snakes that is all too well known. >> you know the hollen general of st. patrick, right? drove all the snakes out of ireland and then they came into the united states and became nbc executives. it's a fascinating story. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these yea
today about their expectations for tomorrow. >> they need change now and worst thing is we don't know what to expect tomorrow. >> there are too many uncertainties so everybody's waiting for the banks to open, to start the -- hopefully we'll see what's the next step to the future. by the way, neil, we spoke to one manager of one bank tonight and we asked that person, why are you opening up late? and this person told us because they had not seen the details of this restriction and they had to study them. we've been watching state television and they have not come up with a formal explanation to the people about what is going on on thursday. there could be a nervous day around here. back to you. >> neil: great reporting, greg. greg in cyprus. before you think this could never happen here, a reminder it has. it did. when a just sworn in frank roosevelt shut banks down in 1933. the idea was to restore waum to the markets and the banking system but not before a government overhaul. that was then. i think what's going on in cyprus is just them now? not craig smith, who is getting a feeling o
or anything that could even hint of any armageddon? oh my gosh, things looking way too calm? that could change in a moment's notice outside news corps fox news headquarters here. sure, it looks calm to you but somewhere down there it's an errant without his ms. we're on top of it: highest authorities are trying to scare us, it's scary stuff doesn't materialize is the white house scared that this president then gets marginalized? >> republican presidential candidate the mayor of this fine city of new york who was deemed by new yorkers to be the best mayor they ever had. that's a tough lot. they hate everybody. mayor, good to have you. >> good to be with you. >> neil: what do you make of this? >> of the sequester? >> neil: yeah. >> the president seriously here. it goes to his credibility. he spent a month on the stump telling us all the dire consequences, how terrible this is, how awful. >> neil: not coming true. >> you and i turn out to be correct. he tirns out to be misleading. i was on your show last week and we said 2.5% of a cut from an increase is hardly going to have any impact. >> neil:
. the last deal, the budget brink deal, this deal where you change the rules going into it and after the fact, even bob woodward claimed that, so i don't know. maybe that's too much. >> you put a whole lot of things together. >> i'll cut to the chase. it seems that your party lies a lot. >> forget the parties ant the lies. the facts are just too simple. nobody's going to tell you that they're just cutting and laying off people during a recession is good for the economy. >> is this a true recession now? >> of course, we're coming out of it. >> no, no. you're saying this is a recession now? >> i'm saying that -- why would you hike tackes in the middle of a recession. >> you sound so much like a small group of people who believe that closing loopholes and reforming raises revenue, but it's not -- >> no, no, no, no, no. i'm not saying that. >> we have a poll, congressman, that shows when a lot of americans were asked about the subject about getting serious about this, how will the country get the budget deficit under control. nearly 6 out of 10 said only with automatic cuts. 29% said lawmakers ca
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is still cobbling together the last piece of the coalition government, will anything change? obviously you're no stranger to the ill will between our countries and that is supposed to be a fence, building effort. >> well, i'm all about end results and not about words and trips. it's amazing to me that this is the president's first trip. he went to turkey and gave a speech. he went to saudi araina, cairo and made his speech about reaching out and building bridged with the muslim world. now we see israel in the neighborhood that is absolutely unconscionable and threatening to its security. so, the faith behind the doors, nicolas sarkozy, the way treated prime minister benjamin netanyahu previously, i don't think anything will change. the president saying we're moving our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and recognize that jerusalem is the rightful capital but if you go back to the dnc convention, they had to add back into their convention platform that they would even recognize the rightful capitol is the modern day state of. i want to see some action, not words and rhetoric. >> neil: real
funding levels and you have to request changes. frankly it's cost the american taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars and had an impact but it belongs on harry reid's seat. >> neil: commander. thank you. i think harry reid needs lanny davis, five rules with coping for crisis in business, politics and life. among them is talking straight, right? >> harry reid has a very good heart and i am sorry that the commander jumps to impugning motives rather than disagreeing with the way senator reid did it. i would call it a gaffe. >> neil: you think he was making an incorrect link? >> i don't think he meant to. he's too good of a man. >> neil: he mentioned it in the context of the soldiers and -- not good and crisis management rule number 1 is when you make a mistake, you immediately say i didn't mean it, not unsubstantiated. that comment is not what i would have advised. it's hare i harry reid saying i misspoke. >> neil: let's talk about when politicians get into trouble. you're a believer, as you were with bill clinton, get out there right away and get ahead of it. get the facts out. a
though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ ship shep the star of the show breaking bad tells cops somebody broke into this car and stole the bag that contained a script for the show's final season. according to the criminal complaint it happened to bryan cranston in new mexico earlier this month. the police arrested a suspect but the script is still missing, and the hit amc series is wrapping up the final season. he plays the character walter white, high school chemistry teacher who becomes a meth dealer after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. putting the wrap on things. guess what the dow has done? all this miss in cyprus, all this stuff, everybody so concerned. the next time they tell you everything is awful, tell them it ist. ring bell. [bell ringing] >> because it isn't. everything is not awful. you think everything is awful all the time, that's all you think, everything will be awful. awful is awful. isn't it awful? how about somethin
climate change. you can blame for everything. hot weather, cold weather, any weather, and is the administration's latest talk of grinding out sequestration they're latest pivot on this issue? when things slow down it will be on those republicans, clueless, republicans. >> monica has a book, out in paperback or will be tomorrow. monica, this is a classic case, you cake and eat it too. >> what the bleep just happened. this country just corrode $16.6 trillion in debt -- >> neil: but who is counting. >> we're having a ridiculous conversation about $85 billion. not even in cuts. we're talking about just reducing the rate of growth. so rather than having the federal government grow at this level, they're going to grow at this level and we have all these high personally from the administration. >> neil: they had to dial it back. >> yeah, because exactly what we're showing today. thank you feel the austerity in obviously not. this is all positioning and politics for 2014, so the president and his team know the economy is going south. at the very least it is stagnating. so wha
the first claim about the janitors, they got four pinocchios on that. then they retroactively changed the reason and what the president really meant. and then that new updated claim, four more pinocchios. they can't stop lying about this. here's the thing. if you're an american taxpayer you should be mortified by this. you have a president -- carroll from the washington examiner -- a president for perhaps the first time in history whose political interest are leading him to, on purpose, make pain. >> why is there a concert effort to scare the american public? what's it in for them? >> a lot more future battles over spending coming up. if we can show, conservatives can dem mob straight -- demonstrate that a teensy weansy spending cut is -- they say armageddon is coming and then armageddon doesn't come, that hurt their credibility in the future when they use the exact same tactics, which they will inevidently, which is why they are so wedded to this narrative, and eric, totally cracked me up yesterday. politico had a story that the white house is recalibrating their messaging on the seq
to change his luck. with a stop at lucky restaurant which is implementing the ban voluntarily. the mayor comparing it to banning smoking in bars and other places. vowing not to stop the fight. it could be a very long fight if my next guest is right. you said, dan, it was unconstitutional to start, and now the judge seems to agree. >> yeah there was three problems. first awful, arbitrary and capricious. doesn't apply to the 7-eleven because the city doesn't serve it. it cut out the legislature. city council did not contracted a law and we're the representatives of the people -- and put it forward for the mayor to sign. he did this by executive fiat. >> neil: he has a council that he hand-picked, sort of just reflects whatever his -- >> the department of health has the commission. there's a group of commissioners, eight to 12, and they sit bay appointment of the mayor, and they get to make this decision unilaterally because they're considering it a rule of the department of health. so that's the second problem. the third problem, which is the bigger overarching issue, is it the role of gov
. you can't change the copays, deductibles, any benefits, employer conclusions. it becomes virtually impossible to grandfather a plan so there's almost no truth to the fact that you can keep your plan if you like it. >> neil: amazing. thank you very much, i think. in the meantime, we are roughly now a little bit more than three hours away. bill gates, on fox business. first, a little teaser on fox news. trust me, you want to stick around for this. ♪ [ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. [ it's not what you think.t's how you test your car for fun. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggl
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, you don't have a dollar for a candy bar? she didn't knee that candy bar name it's about change your my what is -- >> neil: okay, okay. is that you behind me at sin bon at the airport? >> that was me. >> another thing you say, whatever debt you have, focus on it, pay it off. what do you mean? >> absolutely. start with any credit card debt. all the high interest. then look at your car, your house and just get out of debt, and that's where you need to become a hoarder of cash. make it a game with yourself but whatever you do, start saving as much cash as you possibly can so you'll have money when you get older. and you need to start early. i can tell you from personal experience you can blink your eye and you're 60 years old, and when you look around and say where did the last 30 years snag if yaw haven't saved enough money, you're 60 years old and know you're going to have to work until the day die, and that is sad. don't put yourself na that position, get control of your life, pay off your debt and start saving money today. >> neil: what did you make of the argue. -- argument that we do
at southwest, look at their advertising. they used to have this fun, quirky ads. they just changed their entire ad campaign to talk about wi-fi and getting you there, and i look at those ads and i say you're going away from what made you unique. southwest is a fun airline. you get on, they sing, all this really cool, quirky stuff. they were led by a very quirky guy who started the airline. they're becoming almost a corporate entity that you can't distinguish from the other carriers. >> neil: it's a long way from the herb kelleher days where they can't do that. maybe they can't do that. that model was great then, but it's not now. >> here's the challenge for southwest. they're known as the low cost carrier, but in many cases, their fares are higher than their competition, so the days of getting that cheap airline ticket on southwest, that doesn't really exist any more. again, it's about the competition on these routes. >> neil: you were telling me customers don't remember how they're treated. let's say the airlines are kind of in the pilots seat on this one. let's say there's a downtown do. won'
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